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Nicole Downin


Nicole Downin
Nicole is the massage therapist for many of the USA’s top track and field athletes. As one of the nation’s best middle distance runners, she competed in the 2004 Athens Olympics and the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In her quest for elite performance over nearly twenty years she discovered the myriad benefits of massage therapy. Massage helped her attain the 800-meter American Indoor record in 2003, a record that has not yet been broken.

Nicole originally studied massage at the Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon, desiring to help other athletes attain optimal performance, prevent injury, and if necessary, rehabilitate injury.

What are Nicole’s top five recovery must-haves?
“1. Massage / 2. Massage / 3. Ice bath / 4. Nap / 5. Good food.”

More Q&A with Nicole about her legendary running career http://www.runtheloop.com/10-questions-nicole-teter/

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