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Elizabeth Friedrichsen


Jennifer Parmenter
Elizabeth became a Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist after successfully completing her training in 2012 at the Institute of Medical Careers in Penn Hills, PA. Studying under Richard Finn, a renowned educator, she completed this unique program with a specialization in Trigger Point Therapy. Chronic pain and dysfunction has long held her interest: she has not only one but two copies of Travell & Simons’ Myofascial Pain & Dysfunction and has read them cover to cover. Hailing from Iowa, she has had the opportunity to treat heavy laborers and caretakers through unique job positions that she has held over the years.

An avid lover of books, Elizabeth often spends her free time curled up with her trusty kindle and a cup of coffee or tea, or otherwise in the kitchen experimenting with her next recipe, preferably paleo.

Provider: Therapeutic Massage

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